worshipping the false idols of public health

Crucial public health decisions are made by health professionals with a vested interest in treating disease but whose medical training lacks the health systems thinking required in preventing it. Working to improve the health of the public is not the same as practicing the principles underlying it.

- Rappler, April 27, 2019

mental health is not special

We cannot reasonably expect to normalize mental health and well-being but treat it as separate or different. Our mental health research culture cannot thrive if we see depression or anxiety as specifically different from other research topics we wish to explore. For as long as we see mental health as special, our stigma wins.

- Rappler, March 31, 2019

why i want to leave up—and why i might stay

An efficient, effective work environment is not “American,” it is not “Western.” We all deserve – and are entitled to – a supportive place to work. Because work is not just about earning money. We can count ourselves most fortunate when we are doing something meaningful and enjoyable.

- Rappler, February 26, 2019