the rise of filipino pop psychology

This ought to be a time when sikolohiyang Pilipino leaps forward. Instead, indigenous psychology is being pushed further back. We are losing a chance to self-correct decades of missed opportunities and to avoid the mistakes of the past. You can bet pop psychology will exploit that.

- Rappler, January 26, 2019

i spent P159,088 on grab

And I would do it all over again. My choice is afforded by privilege. It reeks of our fast-growing consumption culture and can even be questionably elitist. It is a shortcut for those who take advantage of venture capitalism at the expense of mom-and-pop workers. However, I feel healthier, less stressed and get more work done.

- Daily Inquirer, January 19, 2019

bad policies, good politics

The research evidence does not support institutionalizing the death penalty or lowering the age of criminal responsibility. They do not reduce crime. They do more harm than good. So why are policymakers proposing these changes to existing legislation? Because it’s good politics.

- Daily Inquirer, January 17, 2017