school-based mental health first aid manual for teachers

Teachers and other school personnel are well positioned to protect and promote the mental wellbeing of students. This project develops a user-friendly manual integrating Sikolohiyang Pilipino and community-based mental health. The project is funded by the Unilab Foundation.

gender, sexual orientation and depressive symptoms

Mental health problems can be linked to problematic measurements, including perceptions or attitudes towards gender and sexual orientation. This project takes a look at how these artifactual determinants might be linked to depressive symptoms. It is funded by the Philippine National Institutes of Health.

philippine mental health act: implementation challenges ahead

Implementation of policies and programs is a perennial challenge for the Philippines. The country is known to pass a number of laws that have limited impact due to inefficient and ineffective implementation. There is strong evidence to suggest that the newly signed mental health legislation will face similar challenges.