Diwa harnesses the power of behavioral science to shape public policy with social impact


Locally informed, solution-oriented research. Current projects on university mental health, behavioral dynamics in the care continuum among HIV-positive Filipinos, gender and sexual orientation biases in psychiatric diagnoses, use of gamification in cognitive behavioral therapy, and evaluation of the mental law.


Why is Western mental health prioritized over indigenous 'Filipino-ness'? Projects and speaking engagements with Philippine Mental Health Association, Philippine Heart Center, Philippine Science High School, Psychological Association of the Philippines Convention, and Pambansang Kumperensiya sa Sikolohiyang Pilipino.


Evidence-informed, community-based strategies for decision makers. Current engagement in the implementing rules and regulations of the Philippine Mental Health Act. Previous involvement with bills on age of consent, minimum age of criminal responsibility, and the Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Expression bill.

I came back - for good, to do good


Born in Iloilo City. Raised in Los Angeles, California. After 24 years in SoCal, New York, the San Francisco Bay Area, and Cambridge, Mass. - with a 12-month stopover in Japan - I returned home. Because in the summer of 2014, while doing mental health fieldwork in Western Visayas, I sat next to a live chicken in a jeepney. And just like that, a light bulb popped: I wanted to come back. Living in the US was my parents' dream. Not mine.